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The Twisted And Strange in Horror film:

Final Degree Project - Textile Manipulation. Fashion. Wearable Art.
Indesign Recruitment Agency selected samples from this collection to be presented to clients in New York in July 2014. A collection developed from the ‘Little Horrors’ research project. My interest in horror films influenced this project, based on observing the shape and texture from each ‘Little Horror’ character. The overall collection is dark, largely black with a little white and a touch of navy. The dark collection allows viewers to focus on the Form and surface manipulation of the fabric. The fabric is moulded using a wrapping process which enables the fabric to keep its three-dimensional sculptural shape. This process is waste-free with each dress produced using one length of fabric. This collection has been adapted to allow the viewer free-reign to interpret the pieces as they wish; wearable art or sculptural installation!
The photographs of the pieces worn aim to disfigure, warp and distort the natural body shape.