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Space Invasion: Claustrophobia v Space

Drawing Collection - Pre-collection. Abstract Drawings.
A project exploring invasion of personal space, through studying movement in rush hour traffic; Groups of people confined to small spaces (on public transport, queuing, and the build-up of people at traffic light crossings). Video footage taken captures people rushing past, weaving through each other, and lining up. Patterns of people squashed together, with no space, forming densely packed clusters, congregating, huddling like swarms, creating tension between one another. Using film to monitor the release of this tension, and watching the movement and dispersion of people scattering. Confined spaces, to empty lonesome places, the continuation and flow of people’s movements, from tension to freedom; Synchronisation of movement. Drawing from life using abstract marks that capture movement and suggest the idea of being under pressure in crowds, then releasing and dispersing. Colour taken from the crowds clothing, using both colour and black. Sculptural Devellopment