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Flash Gordon couples/pairs costume

Prince Barin & Princess Aura costumes made for Fancy dress screening of sci-fi cult classic 1980’s Flash Gordon. Open Air Weekender: Humans in Space - Day 3, The Floating Cinema, King's Cross Granary Square September 2015. Prizes for the best dressed.
A delightfully tacky ensemble, encrusted with ‘bling’. Large structured shoulders imitating Princess Aura’s iconic outfit of the film. A less revealing, shortened version of the gold wrap around skirt with gold trimmings around the waistline. A simplified adaptation to the metal bra covered with gems and glass mirrors. The straps replaced with gold twisted piping. The crown, wrapped in gold covered mesh, encrusted with silver and gold gems and small mirror chippings. Prince Barin, bronze coloured double breasted body dropping just below the bum and trimmed with gold pipping. Gathered sleeves made from tucked fabric to imitate the woven fabric the character wears. The central emblem made from shiny foil. The cape is made of green satin with drawstring ties and floor length - worn with black trousers.